We first work to understand your project goals and objectives. We evaluate your company’s current resources available and make any suggestions on what tools, if any, are required to complete those goals and objectives. From there, we can create custom intelligence tools, systems, and documentation controls that will be instrumental in efficiently completing the project on time and on budget.

  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Management
  • Safety Services
  • Capital Asset Management
  • Systems Analysis and Engineering Consulting Services

Added benefit for construction management

Our years of business intelligence experience combined with our data and software development capabilities affords us the ability to customize programs or create software to better manage your project.

Elderberry Consulting works with personnel resources assigned or provides additional personnel as needed and manages the team as well as all other resources allocated, to make sure that the project stays on time and on budget and works to solve any problems that arise.


Within the scope of our Project Management Services we provide:

  • Overall Feasibility Analysis

  • Ethical Analysis

  • Risk Management Analysis

  • Allocation of Resources

  • Scheduling

  • Implementation of Project Plan

  • Earned Value Management

  • Communication of Project Progress, Status and Issues

  • Evaluation of Project Results

  • Problem Resolution

  • Change Control

  • Work Breakout structure


Projects Managed/Controlled :

  • 500Kv Power transmission distribution construction project

  • Biosensor development

  • Intranet payroll application to process $22 million in paychecks monthly

  • Microelectronics manufacturing clean-room expansion project

  • Set up machine/ model shop

  • Online data collection and reporting tools

  • Remote Video Interviewing station (Simple Internet Remote Reporter SIRR™)

  • Injection molding polyethylene cartridges

  • Several serviceability reviews of consumer household appliances

  • Many primary research projects national and international (online, in-home ethnography, etc.

  • Development of 3D web-based image solution (Advantage3D®)

Processes Controlled:

  •  Data collection and analysis

  • Data warehousing

  • Plating lab

  • Wine Production

  • Soldering & welding

  • Glass to metal seals

  • Epoxy process

  • Microelectronic fabrication

  • Electronic fabrication

  • Chemical etching

  • General Machine shop practices

  • Vacuum Ovens

  • Cleaning operations

  • Laser cutting

  • Solar Panel Fabrication

  • Composite Fabrication

  • Space Craft assembly

  • Cleanrooms