Elderberry Consulting

Solving Complex Problems

(Time + $$$)

Would you be interested in a skilled agent of change that offers a disciplined approach to improving the performance of your organization ?


Elderberry Consulting provides skilled Business Analysts and Program Managers that will review your business units and translate client needs into actionable development plans.


Consider us a hybridization of resources                    

What do you get when you cross technology experts, cost engineers, business developers and project managers with over 100 years of experience? An Elderberry Consultant.


An Elderberry Consultant:

  • Identifies and defines the adaptations that will maximize the value delivered by your firm
  • Works across all levels, specifying the business strategies that are best practices for you
  • Confirms department goals and resource requirements for successful programs and projects
  • Recommends implementation of continuous process improvements
  • Has an in-depth understanding of enterprise IT infrastructure and market conditions

Perhaps you’re thinking…     

What in the world is an Elderberry going to do for me?

Well… how about these for starters:

  • Independent Sales Pipeline review
  • Strategic purchasing trade off analysis
  • Vendor shortages and performance reviews
  • Software technology gap analysis
  • Assets confirmation
  • Market expansion and move planning

It’s that time  

How can we assist with your targets and actionize for success?

I look forward to hearing from you,



Craig D.T. Dahlin
Director of Operations, General Manager
Elderberry Consulting, LLC
Cell Phone: 610 – 737 – 0116