Power BI skills – analysis and industrial internet of things

With our renewed push into industrial internet of things solutions we have been refreshing our Power BI skills. This included setting up a professional subscription to Microsoft Power BI. Elderberry Consulting is now able to embed the reports so that they are configured with public access. This way any one on the internet can use them. Additionally, it is very easy to publish into internal SharePoint sites. This includes utilizing Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) the programing / formulas used to generate measures and calculated columns.

Here are a few recent examples of our work:

OSIsoft – Analyzing PI System Data

OSIsoft Analyzing PI system Data

Thanks to our friends at Rajant Corporation I attended OSIsoft’s Analyzing PI System Data class this week. What I enjoyed most about the class was learning new business intelligence techniques that Elderberry Consulting can use to evaluate and audit industrial IOT data utilizing OSIsoft tools.

I’ll also point out that Rajant, and OSIsoft recently announced a partnership to bring enhanced industrial IOT offering to mining, transportation, energy, and oil & gas sectors.

Think of Elderberry Consulting for better reporting and analysis of your industrial IOT data. (See Example of PowerBi Reporting of the OSIsoft Data)

Together let’s prevent deviations,

Craig D.T. Dahlin
Director of Operations, General Manager
Elderberry Consulting, LLC

Community Planning

The Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Education Institute (PMPEI) & The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) logo

I am happy to report that I completed the community planning course presented by Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Education Institute (PMPEI). The event was sponsored and hosted by the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC).

The coolest things I learned from attending the community planning course:

  1. How little knowledge I possessed of the actual interworking’s of municipal governance.
  2. How dedicated and hardworking our municipal representatives work to improve our communities.
  3. Finally, the true power of Joint Municipal Zoning (Article VIII-A). This provision allows municipalities to work together, plan for their future, regulate growth and change in a cooperative manner.
    I am happy to report that my township Heidelberg adopted a multi-municipal comprehensive plan for the northern region of Lehigh County the five other joining members are Slatington Borough, Lowhill, Lynn, Washington and Weisenberg Townships.

I would highly recommend this course to municipalities staff or citizens like myself that are simply interested in learning more about how our local Pennsylvania government works.

Other 2018 classes include:

  • Zoning Administration – starts October 16
  • Subdivision + Land Development Review – starts November 1

Craig Dahlin

Plant operations and utilities & Repair and maintenance

We support the following the full life cycle of projects involved in Plant operations and utilities & Repair and maintenance.

Large Projects Controlled ​ ​


Project Management

Project Controls

Contract negotiation – national, regional and local support

Assessment Solutions – Audit / Sample Collecting Testing – Confirmation of Compliance

Project Control Mastery

A Journey from the “Dinosaur’s Age” to the Chief Cost Estimator!

Listen to this interview podcast to learn from the insights and extensive experience of Ralph Buckles, a chief estimator with over 30 years experience in Project Controls.

Project Control Mastery



In Project Control Mastery podcast you will learn how to master your skills and knowledge in Project Controls and take your career to the next level of success.

Reviewers on Demand™

Providing “Boots on the Ground”

Independent on Location Observations

Efficiently and Discreetly – Independent Observers, Auditors, Inspectors (Asset, Quality, Safety), Investigators, Confirmation of Delivery.

Elderberry Consulting Provides:

  • Value Added Capabilities to Highly Regulated Industries
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABAC) support and training
  • Due Diligence
  • Safety Compliance
  • Quality Assurance Assessments

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